Defend Your Rights With a Criminal Defense Attorney from Law Offices of Fay Law Group, P.A

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Are you facing a drug charge? Attorneys Wolfe and Leone will build your defense. The Law Offices of Fay Law Group, P.A focuses on criminal law in Frederick and Rockville, Maryland. Criminal defense attorney Wolfe can help you after you've been charges with domestic violence, drug possession or a similar crime. She'll compile all the evidence to develop an effective defense strategy for your case.

A criminal charge doesn't have to govern your future. Consult with a criminal defense attorney today at the Fay Law Group, P.A to explore your options.

A criminal charge can affect your future

Without a defense lawyer, one charge can create a criminal record that will leave a lasting impact on your future. A criminal record can affect your ability to:

Find a new job

Get a mortgage loan

Rent an apartment

By working with a criminal defense attorney in the Rockville or Frederick, Maryland area, you'll have a better chance of clearing your name. Prepare your defense with drug charge attorneys Wolfe and Leone by calling 240-529-6180.